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The World Has Many Questions for God

If you could get answers from Him, would you want to?

In this landmark book, author Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox, revisits her remarkable journeys into the supernatural world, and recounts the critical Messages she has received for our modern world.

Vassula’s journeys reveal profoundly important answers to many of today’s most pressing questions, as well as those that humankind has been asking since time immemorial.

Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell  features a firsthand account of:

  • Heaven, hell, and the in between
  • The supernatural world of God and His angels, and of Satan and his demons
  • How God sees our modern world
  • God’s offer of Love and redemption
  • What is in store for our world, based on our response to God’s call

It will be one of the most thought provoking books you’ll ever read.


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