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This is the website for the True Life in God group in Australia. True Life in God is an apostolate for distributing the divine messages given to Vassula Ryden since 1986.

Meet Vassula Rydén

“I heard a Voice within me saying with tenderness, ‘I am your Father and you descend from Me…you come from Me…you belong to Me…you are Mine…’ Hearing these words, I was blown away. God’s luminous Presence filled me, exploding through my entire being and uplifting my soul.” 

Even as a child, Vassula Ryden was able to see the supernatural. Born in Egypt and raised a Greek Orthodox Christian, she had dreams and saw invisible struggles between angels and demons. Yet despite this, she lived a normal life, marrying, having kids, and pursuing her hobbies.

The Locutions Begin

Then, in 1986, while living in Bangladesh, she received the first of many “locutions,” in which she has heard God the Father and Jesus giving her critical messages for the modern world. Vassula’s story, which she’s now shared with millions of people worldwide, including heads of state, archbishops and even the Pope, brings God’s wisdom in simple terms and offer us the tools to possess joy in this life, and in the next.

True Life in God

The messages have been shared all over the world through her fellow workers in True Life in God. With many books in various languages, countless thousands have read these messages from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, to Asia and from Europe to America. Vassula has met with heads of state, and heads of the churches, as well as believers and non-believers – urging them to come to know God’s plans for our generation.

Heaven Is Real, But So Is Hell

Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell contains a first-hand account of the supernatural world of God, the angels and demons, Heaven, hell, and how our world fits into God’s creation. Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell reveals profoundly important messages for humanity, largely hidden until now and shown to Vassula during her spiritual journeys.

God is calling humanity to turn our hearts back to Him before a time of justice comes upon us, and the world undergoes trials and purifications. Jesus is returning, but it may not be the way we think.

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