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Vassula and her True Life in God mission

Vassula Rydén proclaimed by Archbishop and renowned theologian Frane Franic to be one of the greatest prophets and seers of our times, has dedicated her life to what she understands the Lord has given her to do: to spread His "Love Hymn from Heaven" entitled the "True Life in God" messages, a title given by our Lord Himself.

Vassula is Greek Orthodox, born in Egypt of Greek parents and has lived most of her life in Third World countries due to her husband being an international development expert under contract to the United Nations. In 1985, when they were living in Bangladesh, Vassula began to receive these divine messages, that transformed her life and those around her. Since then, Vassula has been invited to speak in more than 81 countries and has given over 1022 presentations, all on invitation of those who have been touched by the "True Life in God" messages. So far, the books have been translated by volunteers into more than 50 languages. The messages call us to have an ongoing heart-to-heart conversation with a Real Person Who knows and cares about us as individuals and Whose Heart can be touched, rather than a vague abstraction or a mindless "force" in the universe. Vassula does not receive any remuneration or income from activities related to evangelising God's Word and the True Life in God messages, nor from the sale of any of the books. While in Australia, she will also talk about her book "Heaven is real, but so is hell," her personal account of how God first approached her and what has happened since

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