Dear Friends

Our group of volunteers who are working for the up and coming Melbourne Retreat and the Sydney Public meeting would like to thank everyone for their support.

Once again we need your urgent help with the upcoming Vassula evangelisation tour. Our Lord in His magnanimity has decided to invite Vassula to visit Vietnam, Australia and the Philippines; for our benefit and encouragement.

In the message of September 4, 1996 He tells us,

“… enjoy God’s Presence… enjoy the Presence of His Spirit and be eager to praise Him, since it is in him that you all live, it is in Him that you move, breathe, it is in Him that you rest and will rest eternally one day…”

Indubitably, He knows that with a little sacrifice we can afford to cover the expenses of His Ambassadors Vassula and Father Iannuzzi, remembering to trust in the knowledge that whatever we give, He will not be outdone in generosity. Let us not delay in our response to our Lord! Surely, our response demonstrates our eagerness to praise Him.

We estimate that the cost of Vassula’s visit to Australia with Father Ianuzzi will be in the proximity of $50,000. This includes air tickets, accommodation, printing and advertising. There is also the need to help our brothers and sisters in Vietnam. The Lord has opened the door for Vassula to visit Vietnam for the first time. The True Life in God foundation has sent a request for Australians to help with the cost of the Vietnam visit which is needed urgently now.

Other Expenses to cover

  1. Solomon Island – two priests (one Anglican, one Catholic), who would really like to attend. Cost includes airfares , accommodation and registration ( must know by 5pm Wednesday 1st March for visa processing time) – $5,500
  2. Support for Vietnam in hosting Vassula’s first visit – $2,400
  3.  Invited Clergy expenses – $3,000
  4. Advertising (newspaper, radio, Youtube, printing) – $3,500
  5. Sydney  venue hire – $3,000

TOTAL      $17400

TLIG Australia has been sponsoring the Beth Myriam in the Solomon Islands. The two priests are important in the Mission of TLIG, Solomon Islands.

It will be much appreciated if you can help in any way small or large. God is inviting us to be collaborators with Him. It is a privilege to serve the Lord. Let us all put our hands together in unity to spread the messages. Vassula is willing to work hard and travel around the world, so let us also do what we can to help.

We truly appreciate your contributions and we wait in anticipation for your loving support.

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