20th of March Sydney Free Public Meeting

It seems we have intellectualised God. He is not a complicated God!!

•  •  •

“...come all you who avoid Me and fear Me; all you who do not know Me;

come nearer to Me and you will understand that I am a God full of Love, full of pity and full of Mercy...”

•  •  •

“...do not reject Me,
before you even know Me.”
My message is a message of Love, a call to your real foundations, a reminder of My Word and of My Existence;...”

ONE TALK ONLY will be held in Sydney by the Visionary Mrs. Vassula Ryden who has a special charism as a messenger of God’s urgent wish for Christian unity. Vassula receives these inspirations through the form of locutions and interior visions which she writes down in messages. God asked Vassula to call these prophetic messages “True Life in God”. These messages have been translated to over 50 languages and read widely throughout the world including Australia. Since 1988 Vassula has been invited to more than 81 countries to give her public testimony in over 1022 presentations. Vassula receives no fees or personal material benefits for her efforts. She will be speaking about her recent book “Heaven is real but so is hell” which is a first- hand account of her experiences of the supernatural world.
Please share this information with all your friends and family.